Basel World 2015 keeps on throwing up nuggets of joy. None more so than HUBLOT watches with their eponymous Big Bang. This watch 10 years ago, made watch aficionado very happy.

In celebration of that moment 10 years ago, HUBLOT are releasing 3 version
If you are lucky enough to get your hands on any of their anniversary pieces count yourself lucky, as they are indications of waiting lists already.

There is a Big Bang UNICO Full Magic Gold this is their unique scratch resistant 18K gold (there are only 250 pieces) It is in a 45mm case, with a Matt black skeleton dial and HUB 1242 UNICO movement truly a thing of beauty.

411-mx-0138-rx-sd-hr-w-1Photo Credit Hublot Watches

We have the Big Bang Tourbillon 5 day power reserve Full Magic Gold (only 50 pieces)this is also in a 45 mm case and has a 115 hours power reserve. It uses the HUB6016 Tourbillon skeleton movement

Hublot TurbPhoto Credit Hublot Watches
We also have 10 years Haute Joaillerie (there are only 10 pieces of each) this watches are laden with jewels as the name indicates. You won’t be surprised that they are going for $1000000 each. Again they all come in a 45 mm case and their proprietary in house movement HUB 1242 UNICO
411. WD.9000.LR.9900 – Black Diamonds

Hublot Black DiamondsPhoto Credit Hublot Watches
411. WX.9004.LR.9904 – White Diamonds

Hublot White DiamondsPhoto Credit Hublot Watches
411. WX.9041.LR.9941 – White Diamonds & Blue Sapphires

White Diamonds Blue SapphirePhoto Credit Hublot Watches
411. WX.9042.LR.9942 – White Diamonds & Rubies

Hublot White Diamonds & RubiesPhoto Credit Hublot Watches