With the official release of the Apple watch today, there has been a lot of talk about the death of the Swiss luxury watch market. Spectators believe that the Apple effect will eat into that high-end watch segment.

There is so much guessing at this point. The smart watch market is still in its infancy and perhaps when the Tech companies get the technology right then there will definitely be a need for the Swiss to be worried.

There is room at the moment for high-end watches and smart watches to exist side by side as they play two very different functions. I believe an individual might want a smart watch as wearable tech for sports, but will want a fine mechanical watch on their wrist for dinner.

The Swiss watch fraternity have been here before, with advent of quartz watches from Japan in the 70s and 80s, yes it did eat into market share, but the Swiss are nothing but brilliant at adapting to the world around them. I see no difference today and I expect to see high-end watch makers adapting to the new challenge.

The fact is nothing beats a well made mechanical watch, especially one which has a heritage. I don’t see old money or new money for that fact no longer buying a well made Swiss watch. The fact is everyone holds out for that piece of perfection, which to put politely no smart watch is equal too despite all its bells and whistle.

Please go out and buy your smart watch, I will as well but please don’t expect it too last a lifetime or to pass it down the generations for alas it is but disposable technology or until version 2.0 comes out