The guys at Rolex have put smiles on our face once again. They have launched at Basel world 2015 five new oyster models. With every single one of them a breath of fresh air..

The new Rolex models have the usual pleasing aesthetics that only they know how too.  It is not just style over substance.

However I have fallen in love with Day Date 40 Oyster Perpetual

Rolex Day Date in Platinum (2) Photo credits Rolex Watches


There is something about its simplicity which draws you towards it. Even for non-Rolex fans I can’t see anyone having a bad comment about this new Day Date. Like a lot of the new models, it comes with a new mechanical movement calibre 3255 and features a modernized design with a 40mm case

You can have it in Platinum (my favorite) Everose gold, yellow gold or white gold.. No doubt you will stay happy which ever one you choose to purchase.




Rolex yellow

Rolex Day Date in yellow gold

Rolex Day Date in Platinum

Rolex Day Date in Platinum


Rolex Day Date in everose gold

day date white gold

Rolex Day Date in white gold