Welcome to LuxeNigeria we are just as excited as you are, about the direction Nigeria is taking, within Africa and globally.

The Nigerian economy has had its GDP recently rebased by some 89% and it is now the biggest economy in Africa. This is not all paper talk; you can feel it on the ground from Lagos to Lokoja. Things are definitely picking up; the middle classes are expanding country-wide and not just restricted to the big cities. Entrepreneurs are getting their Mojo back and trying out innovative enterprises creating opportunities. The moneyed class as always is still here.

We are in the next set of emerging economies (MINT) and Goldman Sachs in particular is very excited about Nigeria, in fact most of the western financial institutions are.

Nigerians, with legitimate sources of income, are now listed among the wealthiest people on the planet, from Aliko Dangote, to Rabiu of BUA group. We will bring you many more names of business people and innovators who are not household names yet.