MB&F watches, what can we say? It is like Marmite either you love it or hate it. But for me, they make the most aesthetically pleasing watches. There is something about them that makes you want to play with them.
I saw my very first one on the arm of a chap in Zürich Flughaffen in February, and I couldn’t keep my eyes of it. The first time in my life I coveted another man possession. Unfortunately I did not get to go to their stand in Basel 2015. But on my next trip to Geneva I intend to drop into their boutique to try it on my very own wrist.
They have a new watch at the moment called the Mega Wind horological machine (HM3) final edition. Indications are that they are only being made with a limited edition of 25 pieces with a price tag in excess of CHF90000 I unfortunately can’t give you a technical specification at this time. But please enjoy just looking at them a work of art.

HM3 Rose Gold

Photo Credit MB&F HM3 Rose Gold

MegaWind White Gold

Photo Credit MB&F HM3 White Gold