After finding the right Rolex for you or loved one.  To keep this fine timepiece and investment running for the rest of your life please make sure you try to do the following.

BIE10jdm_001Photo credit Rolex watches

  1. Ensure the bracelet is sized up to fit your wrist. This ensures you always have the correct time as the automatic movement requires your wrist motion to work. Plus if it’s too loose you can damage it due to it sliding down your wrist and hitting something or if too tight it’s an uncomfortable wear.
  2. Make sure the crown is screwed down tight, this is to prevent both dust or water getting in to damage the movement
  3. Always wind you watch each morning to keep correct time. That is unless you have a watch winder
  4. If you go swimming either in the sea (salty water) or the Pool (Chlorine) please rinse under running tap or bottled spring water and dry thoroughly before wearing it
  5. When you take off your watch before going to bed, if you don’t have a lined watch drawer, place it down crown side on the surface. This is to prevent scratches to your bracelet
  6. Try to use a polish cloth to wipe your watch at least once a week, to keep it looking shiny.
  7. Service your watch at a Rolex AD every 3 to 5 years to keep it in tip-top condition.